Who is considered the richest man in Lesotho? Learn about Mr. Sam Matekane net worth

matekane group of companies

Mr. Sam Matekane is considered to be the richest or wealthiest man in Lesotho. In this article you are to learn about Mr. Sam Matekane net worth and his political party (revolution for prosperity by matekane). He started his first business in 1986 where he was operating as a brick manufacturing business in Lesotho. This is where his entrepreneurship journey started. Matekane stadium is one of the achievements of this legend.

One of the latest achievements of Mr. Matekane is that of winning the 2021 Forbes Best of Africa award. Mr. Sam Matekane is actually a down to earth person when you approach him. I have heard stories of many people who have asked help from him. Below is the video of Mr. Sam matekane forbes interview on SABC news. I hope you will enjoy it.

If you want to learn more about this legend’s achievements, I invite you to stay with me as i go deeper with this article. You will learn about Mr. Sam Matekane’s net worth, how he became rich, and you will also get to know more about his profile. Not only is that, but you will learn more about his private jets. Without wasting time, let’s dive in with this article.

In this article, you are going to learn about the following:

  • Who is Sam Matekane
  • His family
  • How did he get rich
  • His networth
  • His investments
  • Sam Matekane’s political party
  • Other top rich people in Lesotho

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When was Sam Matekane born? Learn about his biography

Sam matekane

Mr. Sam Matekane is a Mosotho man who was born in 1958 at Mants’onyane in Thaba-Tseka district Lesotho. If you always wondered how old is Mr. Sam Matekane, today your got your answer. He is one of the successful entrepreneurs Lesotho has ever seen.

He has always been zealous and striving to do more and better. From just a dream to become a successful businessman, he has overcome milestone to now being known as the CEO of Matekane Group of Companies (MGC). On top of being the CEO of MGC, he is a board member of Meso Diamond Pty ltd and he is the owner of Organica Global Brands pharmaceuticals. Now of late, he has started a new political party; Revolution for Prosperity.

How did Sam Matekane get rich?

matekane group of companies

An entrepreneurial journey is long and requires a lot of patience. This business philosophy is being told by many successful entrepreneurs. Mr. Sam Matekane also followed this philosophy. This rich man states that his riches didn’t happen in a short time, but because of being persistent at what he does.

According to an article written by ‘Mathabana Kotelo who works at Lesotho times newspaper, Mr. Sam Matekane started his business from nothing in 1986 where he was manufacturing bricks. From the article, this rich man had to save money for business; he was not using savings money for the family. He had to have separate savings so that he was not tempering with family savings.


The below quote is taken from Lesotho times newspaper where Mr. Sam matekane was interviewed. You can go read it if you want to learn more on what he said in that interview.

If you fail to separate the business funds from yours, the business will collapse. This is not to say you should not enjoy the fruits of your business . The right thing to do is to pay yourself a salary. When the salary is exhausted, know that you haven’t got any money anymore and avoid dipping your fingers in the business finances. Wait until your next pay cheque.”

Sam Matekane

Sam Matekane net worth

sam matekane networth

Sam Matekane net worth can’t be exactly estimated because unlike Americans, Basotho don’t like publicizing their riches. I don’t know why rich people in Lesotho don’t do that, but they just don’t. The only way to make a rough estimation on a person’s net worth in Lesotho is through his assets.

I am going to give an estimation about Mr. Sam Matekane’s assets which I know to give you how much his networth is. Let me get on it.

sam matekane jets

  • MGC – This company started as Matekane Transport and Plant Hire. It has now evolved into a multi-sector corporation embodying aviation, property development, mining and farming. This company is the reason why this rich man became popular. MGC is worth Millions in cash when being assessed. Because of it, he was able to buy the Jets (airplanes.)
  • Matekane Jets – To buy an airplane costs an arm and a leg. Not even one politician in Lesotho own a private jet. Mr. Sam Matekane is the only person in Lesotho who owns private jets to transport people and light goods to other countries. This is the only way for me to give you a clear picture of how wealthy this rich man is.
  • Organica Global Brands – This is an innovative health and wellness solutions company that hold their foundation in the wealth of natural medicines. It provides vitality products that improve, enhance and amplify life, working with nature and science. 
  • Matekane’s house
  • MGC Stadium

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Matekane’s entrepreneurial journey

Mr. Sam Matekane takes part in many activities in Lesotho. He sponsors football teams such as Likhopo FC. He sometimes sponsors events. Now of late, he has invested in the new project which is based in Mants’onyane in Thaba-Tseka district; Leronti Farm.

Leronti Farm – Matekane’s investment

leronti farm

From the LTV news or bulletins, Leronti Farm is one of the projects Mr. Sam Matekane has invested in as a way of giving back to the community. One thing I like about Mr. Sam Matekane is that, he gives back to the community where he was raised!

How many successful people turn their backs on the communities who raised them? I will let you to answer that question. One of the famous people who had done this is Dr. Pakalitha Mosisili. When you get to Qacha’s Neck, you will see a huge difference compared to other districts in Lesotho. Dr. Mosisili has done so many developments in his home district. I salute these two people for the good job they had done in their home towns or places.

What does Leroni Farm specialise in?

Leronti Farm which is a project that is mainly for empowering Basotho farmers, it specializes in piggery farming, poultry farming and vegetable farming. Not only is that, but it also empowers churches. In the rural areas (Thaba-Tseka district), you will find that churches are very scarce, therefore this project is mainly to help churches in the rural areas with many projects that will help them to grow.

Revolution for Prosperity – Sam Matekane’s political party

revolution for prosperity

Mr. Sam Matekane on Tuesday 22 March 2022 officially launched his political party; Revolution for Prosperity. The board of directors for this new political party is made up of top rich men in Lesotho. Not only is that, but it also consists of people who have been in the politics for a longer time; Mr Tlohang Sekhamane.

Since the launch of Revolution for Prosperity political party, people all over the country have started joining this party with such an alarming rate. However, it seems that some of the politicians in Lesotho have been shaken by this unexpected surprise that Mr. Sam Matekane did.

I don’t really know why these politicians are shaken by this Revolution for Prosperity political party. From where I am standing, I think its because of the generosity of this rich man. I am saying this because he donated a new uniform for the Lesotho Defense Force (LDF) and Lesotho Mounted Police services (LMPS). After that, he ensured that Lesotho students who are studying in Ukraine returned home safe since there is a civil war going on between Russia and that country.

“Ho thusa Mapolesa le Masole ka litlhoko tsa bona e ne se mokhoa oa ho iketa empa kene ke thusa joalo kaha ntse ke tloaetse ho thusa likarolong tse ling tsa naha”

Mr. Sam Matekane

The above statement was issued by Mr Sam Matekane regarding the attack he faced about his donation to the LDF and LMPS.

The question is, will Mr. Matekane serve the nation the way he used to now that he has entered the political field? I guess that is the rhetoric question we will have to find out. Only a few months left before Lesotho national elections take place.

Who are the richest people in Lesotho ?

I have already indicated that Mr. Matekane is considered to be the most richest man in Lesotho. However, there are other successful people in the country. I have seen that people are also looking for rich women in Lesotho, Mary Kobeli is a top rich woman in Lesotho. She recently bought two airplanes which she wants to trade in air transport. Below I will list few of the top rich people in Lesotho. I will list them not in a chronological order of how rich each person is.

The below are the richest people in the Lesotho:

  • Mothae from Mothae Diamonds
  • Tholo from Tholo Energy
  • Lephema from Lephema Excutive company
  • Nthane from Nthane Brothers
  • Mojapela
  • etc

Now, here is what I would like you to do. I want you to comment below this article and list other rich people I may have excluded. It is my aim to put out Lesotho information out there on the internet. This is the start, oh don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Until next time, ciao!